Coaching And Mentoring

Prices for Coaching and Mentoring start from £35 per hour

• Executive Coaching

• Coaching and Mentoring for Finance Staff / Accounts Team

• Personal Finance and Life Coaching

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Zyra provides skype based virtual coaching, working with individuals on a one-to-one basis to help them fulfill their potential.

Our coaches can facilitate people to set goals, to talk through personal or work related issues to help improve communications and relationships and to provide much needed “thinking space” for the people we coach.

We also specialise in working with finance staff and providing coaching and mentoring for finance teams. Finance professionals need to have a much broader skill set than just their technical skills. They may need to improve their “soft-skills” such as communication, listening and team-work. Providing access to one-to-one coaching or a mentor to discuss adapting their approach to specific challenges or a safe independent space to reflect and think can really help.

Zyra also provides virtual personal finance coaching to help people achieve their personal finance goals. Please fill in the form above with your requirements or you can use the Contact Us page.