Photo Editing

Prices for a Photo Editing are £15 an hour for small jobs

Fixed price to be agreed for larger projects

• Basic Photo Editing

• High End Photo Editing

• Social Media Photo Editing

• Bulk Image Editing

• Special Effects

• Format and Clean Up

• YouTube Uploads

• Photo Restoration

• Photography

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Celebrities that use social media use professional photo editors to achieve the flawless results you see.

Now you can have a highly trained and skilled Photoshop editor of your own to work with you on your social media presence so that every photograph you show to the world looks like it was taken by a professional photographer.

Our editors do not over edit - they clean up images, change the lighting and bring out the best features.

Our photo editors can do basic editing such as removing blemishes, changing lighting etc, right through to high end photo editing jobs which include the background alterations, special effects etc.

We also have highly trained staff that can restore water, fire damaged or faded photographs.

If you’d like to discuss your Photo Editing project please fill in the form above or you can use the Contact Us page.